An op-ed I wrote criticizing Trump’s┬ámischaracterization of the diversity immigrant visa program was published by The NY Daily News on December 18. The piece explains why the President’s statement that foreign governments game┬áthe diversity visa program is false. In the statement, he accuses foreign governments of gaming the program to let their worst citizens into the United States.

There are a variety of facts that disprove the President’s statement. The program has strict boundaries for applicants including having a high school diploma or an equivalent amount of work experience. Applicants must also go through consular processing which reviews them for more than a dozen grounds of inadmissability, including criminal history and past misuse of visas. Moreover, the sheer fact that the program is a lottery ensures there is no way a foreign government can game the lottery to offload the worst of their citizenry.

Read the full op-ed on The NY Daily News website, here.