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Examining Goodlatte’s EB-5 bill, as deadline looms

The EB-5 program needs work, but people seem to realize that serious reformation won’t be possible before the September 30th deadline.

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USCIS proposed rule for international entrepreneurs is a helpful stopgap measure

On August 31, 2016, USCIS published a new proposed rule in the Federal Register, which would grant parole to certain international entrepreneurs. In light of the fact that there are very few immigration options for foreign startup options in the US, this rule is a... read more

Migrant mother, son sue U.S. over treatment in detention

A Honduran mother and son are suing the U.S. government over poor treatment in detention facilities while they were seeking asylum. I spoke to Thomson Reuters Foundation journalist Sebastian Malo about the case and what it could mean. The lawsuit is the first to seek... read more

Trump’s ‘deeply un-American’ stance on immigration prompts legal concerns

Trump’s proposal for the “extreme vetting” of intending immigrants to the United States continues to be the subject of well-deserved scrutiny. Lauren Gambino of The Guardian (US) spoke to several leading immigration experts on the topic, and... read more

Why Trump’s immigration ideas won’t work

I am happy to have been included in POLITICO’s discussion of Donald Trump’s latest immigration policy proposals. In this article, many immigration and foreign relations experts issue stern warnings that the nominee’s plans would be nearly impossible... read more

Donald Trump calls for ‘extreme vetting’ and an ideological test for would-be immigrants

The Los Angeles Times is the latest major news outlet to discuss Donald Trump’s “extreme vetting” proposal. I am quoted in this article regarding the unenforceability of such a requirement: The newest iteration of Trump’s policy, though not... read more

4 options for employees who lose the H-1B lottery

I recently co-authored an legal article titled “4 Option for Employees Who Lose the H-1B Lottery,” which was published in the Corporate Immigration 2016 handbook by International Comparative Legal Guides. Because of high demand and low supply, cap-subject... read more