On Friday, September 8, I moderated a panel at Cornell Law School analyzing President Trump’s immigration executive actions. The panelists were three eminent constitutional law scholars: Michael Dorf from Cornell, Ilya Somin from George Mason, and Eric Posner from the University of Chicago. The panel discussed both the travel ban and DACA rescission litigation and the Ninth Circuit’s September 7 decision. It also provides a good primer on plenary power and executive power generally. Toward the end, I asked the panelists for their predictions on how the Supreme Court might rule in the travel ban case. Oral arguments in that case will be held in October.

Over 200 people attended in person, and many more watched via livestream. A video of the panel discussion is at https://cornell.hosted.panopto.com/Panopto/Pages/Viewer.aspx?id=157b5ce5-2e10-462e-8ed0-a641cf1dd6f5. The panel discussion begins at about minute 6:30, after the introduction by law school dean Eduardo Penalver.