Hawaiian seafood caught by foreign crews confined on boats

Foreign fishermen are allowed to fish Hawaiian waters, but without visas, they’re not allowed to leave the third-world conditions on their boats.

Martha Mendoza and Margie Mason of the Associated Press explored the modern-day slavery intrinsic to the fishing industry and took a multi-faceted approach to exploring the problem; I weighed in on immigration issues. Read the full-length story is available here.

Migrant mother, son sue U.S. over treatment in detention

A Honduran mother and son are suing the U.S. government over poor treatment in detention facilities while they were seeking asylum. I spoke to Thomson Reuters Foundation journalist Sebastian Malo about the case and what it could mean.

The lawsuit is the first to seek damages by refugees against U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The mother and son had been held in detention facilities for four months before receiving asylum.If the case is successful, it will send a strong signal to immigration authorities to clean up their act.

The entire article is available through the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Trump’s ‘deeply un-American’ stance on immigration prompts legal concerns

Trump’s proposal for the “extreme vetting” of intending immigrants to the United States continues to be the subject of well-deserved scrutiny.

Lauren Gambino of The Guardian (US) spoke to several leading immigration experts on the topic, and summarized the practical and constitutional problems that would be caused by such measures.

Click here for the coverage: Trump’s ‘deeply un-American’ stance on immigration prompts legal concerns


Why Trump’s immigration ideas won’t work

I am happy to have been included in POLITICO’s discussion of Donald Trump’s latest immigration policy proposals.

In this article, many immigration and foreign relations experts issue stern warnings that the nominee’s plans would be nearly impossible to implement, and could actually exacerbate the terrorist threat.

Read the article here: Why Trump’s immigration ideas won’t work

Donald Trump calls for ‘extreme vetting’ and an ideological test for would-be immigrants

The Los Angeles Times is the latest major news outlet to discuss Donald Trump’s “extreme vetting” proposal.

I am quoted in this article regarding the unenforceability of such a requirement:

The newest iteration of Trump’s policy, though not specifically demanding a religious test on entering the country, still allows for capricious enforcement, said Steve Yale-Loehr, a Cornell Law School professor who specializes in immigration.

“What one president thinks is important for American values, another president may deem not important”, he said. “We don’t want an immigration policy subject to the vagaries of political opinion.”

The article by Noah Bierman is available on the Los Angeles Times website: Donald Trump calls for ‘extreme vetting’ and an ideological test for would-be immigrants