Last week, I spoke with several news outlets about Trump’s planned immigration raids. While the number of people targeted by these raids is significantly smaller in scale than the number of people ICE detains on an ongoing basis, the announcement and execution of the operation have caused significant turmoil for immigrant communities and the businesses where they work. Immigrant advocates are preparing for some major battles in the coming months.

Undocumented people living in the United States are protected by certain constitutional rights and are able to bring certain issues to court. For starters, immigration agents are not legally allowed to forcibly enter a home without authorization. Immigrants can refuse to open the door when an agent approaches unless the agents have a valid search warrant.

Furthermore, although Trump has a right to deport people with final deportation orders, many people may have been ordered deported illegally. If the immigration agency didn’t have their correct address to notify them about their immigration court date, they may have the right to reopen their immigration case.

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