Writer, Scholar, Attorney

I am an Attorney of Counsel at Miller Mayer LLP, Professor of Immigration Law Practice at Cornell Law School, and Nonresident Fellow at the Migration Policy Institute. I am also co-author of Immigration Law and Procedure, a 21-volume treatise on immigration law. View my credentials.

Expert Witness

I have testified before Congress and in state and federal court on a variety of immigration issues. Links to cases and my congressional testimony are available here.

Media Relations

Immigration is headline news. I help members of the media understand the complicated legal issues behind controversial immigration topics. View some of my media clips here.


State Department’s New Social Media Rules for Visa Applicants

I was quoted in two publications about the State Department’s new proposed requirement for visa applicants to disclose their social media usage for the last five years. On March 31, I spoke with Quartz on how the new rules are a method for the Trump...
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Times of India: Indian H-1B filings set to drop by 50% this year

I was quoted in the Times of India on April 4 regarding H-1B filings. "H-1B visa rejection rates, including for renewals, have risen markedly. Stephen Yale-Loehr, professor of immigration law practice at Cornell Law School, said the number of H-1B...
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China Daily: Spending bill likely to extend EB-5 program again

I spoke with China Daily on March 21 discussing the possibility of an EB-5 extension in the coming week. "It's expected that Congress will approve another clean extension (meaning no changes) to the current EB-5 program until September 30," Cornell...
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CNN, LA Times, and more: Supreme Court detention case, latest on DACA

Articles re Supreme Court detention decision: CNN: https://www.cnn.com/2018/02/27/politics/supreme-court-immigration-ruling-bond-hearing/index.html...
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TIME: When Does DACA Expire? The Supreme Court Just Gave Dreamers More Time

On February 26, the Supreme Court ruled to reinstate the DACA program, overruling a March 5 deadline set by the Trump administration for Congress to decide on the fate of the program. I was quoted in the article, here: The Supreme Court’s order and the...
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New York Times: Activist entitled to ‘freedom to say goodbye,’ judge rules

On Jan. 29, a Federal District Court judge in Manhattan ordered the release of Ravi Ragbir, an immigrant rights activist. The judge ruled Ragbir's Jan. 11 detention "unconstitutional and cruel". Judge Katherine B. Forrest says the activist should have been...
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CBS News: Trump says visa lottery rewards the “worst” immigrants. That’s inaccurate.

My December 18 op-ed on Trump's claims that the diversity visa program lets in the worst was quoted in a CBS News article on January 10. Trump has gone on to say that foreign countries are contributing to the lottery the "people they don't want". "There is...
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TIME: Donald Trump to end protected status for Salvadorians

I spoke with TIME about Trump's call to end temporary protected status (TPS) for El Salvador. Although the program is temporary in nature, it has been renewed by presidential administrations ever 18 months since 2001. Cornell Law Professor Stephen...
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Reuters: Fewer family visas approved as Trump toughens vetting of immigrants

I was quoted in a January 4 article by Reuters regarding Trump's call to restrict legal immigrants from sponsoring extended family members to enter the U.S. Trump claims this "chain migration" threatens national security. Immigration supporters said any...
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Houston Chronicle: Future unsure for visa lottery

I spoke with the Houston Chronicle on January 3 on behalf of my NY Daily News op-ed that criticizes President Trump's statements on the diversity visa lottery. "Philosophically, you would think you could do a better job of picking people to come to the...
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