Writer, Scholar, Attorney

I am an Attorney of Counsel at Miller Mayer LLP, Professor of Immigration Law Practice at Cornell Law School, and Nonresident Fellow at the Migration Policy Institute. I am also co-author of Immigration Law and Procedure, a 21-volume treatise on immigration law. View my credentials.

Expert Witness

I have testified before Congress and in state and federal court on a variety of immigration issues. Links to cases and my congressional testimony are available here.

Media Relations

Immigration is headline news. I help members of the media understand the complicated legal issues behind controversial immigration topics. View some of my media clips here.


FactCheck.org: Trump’s baseless immigration claims

I spoke with Robert Farley of FactCheck.org on December 14 to discuss the controversial Diversity Visa Lottery program. The program has been under fire by Trump recently, especially after the October 31 terror attack that was found to have been committed...
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National Law Review: With SCOTUS cloud overhead, appeals courts take up travel ban 3.0

I spoke with the National Law Review in the wake of the Supreme Court's December 4 decision to allow President Trump's third version of the travel ban to go into effect. “Given [Monday's] ruling, both the Fourth and the Ninth circuit are going to try to be...
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Forbes: A guide for future immigrant entrepreneurs

I am quoted in a December 3 Forbes column on visa options for international entrepreneurs. “There is no easy transition from an E visa to a green card,” explained Cornell Law School Professor Stephen Yale-Loehr in an interview. “The nature of an E-2...
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Univision: Trump se plantea eliminar un programa creado por Obama para dar permiso de trabajo a cónyuges de visa H-1B

I was quoted in a November 20 Univision article about the administration’s plan to eliminate work permits for spouses of H-1B temporary workers. Para el profesor de la facultad de Derecho de la Universidad de Cornell, Stephen Yale-Loehr, la orden ejecutiva...
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La Opinion: Gobierno de Trump se prepara a acelerar deportaciones para resolver “retrasos” en las cortes

I was quoted in Spanish in a November 15 La Opinion article about the Trump administration’s efforts to accelerate deportations. Here is a rough translation: “Although this type of deportation [expedited removal] was created in 1996, it never was...
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U.S. News: The american dream roulette

I was quoted in U.S. News on November 10 discussing the Diversity Visa Lottery program and the skill sets of those who are admitted through it. On the one hand, the program is a way of increasing representation of citizens of countries that do not send...
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NPR: How the diversity visa lottery works

I spoke on NPR's Morning Edition on November 3 regarding the controversial Diversity Visa Lottery program. The program, as I see it, would be better utilized in reducing the backlog of those who have waited years to enter the country. "If I'm a U.S....
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New York Times: Diversity Visa Lottery: Inside the program that admitted a terror suspect

In the wake of the October 31 terrorist attack in New York City, debate quickly arose over the Diversity Visa Lottery program which was revealed to have been the program under which the attacker was awarded a green card. “A lottery is a crazy way to run an...
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Politico: Federal appeals court clears way for undocumented teen to get abortion

I was quoted in a Politico article on October 24 regarding a federal appeals court decision that an undocumented pregnant minor can receive an abortion. The 17-year old is being held in a federally-funded shelter in Texas after crossing the border last...
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The Future of STEM OPT

Last year's ruling on STEM OPT (optional practical training for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) granted students in those fields a three year post-graduation authorization to work in the United States. This year, the future of that ruling...
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