Writer, Scholar, Attorney

I am an Attorney of Counsel at Miller Mayer LLP, Professor of Immigration Law Practice at Cornell Law School, and Nonresident Fellow at the Migration Policy Institute. I am also co-author of Immigration Law and Procedure, a 21-volume treatise on immigration law. View my credentials.

Expert Witness

I have testified before Congress and in state and federal court on a variety of immigration issues. Links to cases and my congressional testimony are available here.

Media Relations

Immigration is headline news. I help members of the media understand the complicated legal issues behind controversial immigration topics. View some of my media clips here.


After 17 years, Ohio mom of 4 faces deportation

(Photo: WKYC-TV) I was quoted in USA Today in an article covering a recent deportation case. More and more under the Trump administration we are seeing undocumented immigrants being deported solely on the basis of having illegal status. Under the Obama...
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ACLU Sues Over U.S. Family’s Border Ordeal

“It is very difficult to win a case challenging searches at the border. Border Patrol officials have broad authority at ports of entry,” I said in a recent article on time.com. “Courts have often ruled against citizens alleging that their constitutional rights have...
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Supreme Court Reinstates Travel Ban; Redefines ‘Close Family Relationship’

The Supreme Court has announced the redefined travel ban will take effect the evening of June 29 with a more narrow definition of what constitutes a close family tie. Under the new rule, a son-in-law or step-sister counts, but a grandfather or aunt does not. I...
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Media Coverage on Supreme Court “Travel Ban” and Detention

I was quoted in various news articles on June 26 in the midst of the Supreme Court's travel ban order. I also spoke about the Court’s order setting rearmament in an immigration detention case.  All of the articles are accessible via the links below: Travel ban quotes:...
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Trump vetting review could lead to ‘backdoor’ travel ban

I was quoted in a USA Today article on President Trump's extreme vetting efforts. I said some countries willing to cooperate with new visa vetting procedures may not have the technological capabilities the U.S. demands, and that the U.S. should be realistic in...
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Make America Great Again: Admit More Refugees to the U.S.

I co-authored an op-ed for World Refugee Day, held on June 20th. In our current political climate, some consider refugees a security threat and a drain on national resources. This piece discusses how America benefits economically, socially, and morally by accepting...
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Cornell faculty panelists discuss immigration reform in America

I joined fellow Cornell faculty members on a panel addressing immigration issues under the new administration. We received many audience questions on current policies and the complications of migrating to the U.S. and crossing its borders. In response to one question,...
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Torture Victim, Expecting a U.S. Handshake, Was Given Handcuffs Instead

"It’s very unusual — almost unprecedented — that ICE would arrest an asylum applicant who is at a U.S.C.I.S. office waiting for their asylum interview," I said in an article by The New York Times. Read the full story...
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Trump’s Own Tweets Help Kill His Government’s Travel Ban, Again

I commented again on President Trump's travel ban tweets and their negative effect defending his legislation. For the second time, the President's own comments have aided the courts in knocking down his executive order. Fortune covers this issue in the article,...
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U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals refuses to reinstate Trump’s travel ban

I was quoted in an LA Times article about the 9th circuit's refusal to reinstate Trump's travel ban. I stated the Supreme Court might find it easier to reject the travel ban based on a violation of existing law rather than constitutional grounds.  “It is always hard...
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